Watch the successful journey of the Phase 1 of ‘Learning Olympiads’-Digital Citizenship & Cyber Wellness 2017-18

Digital Citizenship & Cyber Wellness Olympiad (DCCWO) 2018 Phase II was launched on January 22, 2018. 

You can register NOW and take the Final Olympiad test Anytime, Anywhere and from any device.

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Why Digital Citizenship & Cyber Wellness Olympiad (DCCWO) 2018 Phase II?

We wish all participants to Engage, Evolve and Express.

  • 1 Educate and empower our students, youth and stakeholders with the knowledge that they need to be safe digital citizens and be effective in the on-line space
  • 2 Create a safe and secure cyber space for all
  • 4 Bring transformation in the classroom learning by interactive, practical and innovative involvement
  • 5 Disseminate knowledge and information on the latest developments in the field of education
  • 4 Knowledge of cyber laws in relation to Indian Penal court
  • 6 Strive towards development of 21st century skills in students and align it with key life skills defined by CBSE
  • 7 Engage them to safely and responsibly include power of technology as a tool to engage, evolve and express
  • 8 Encourage students to participate in the learning process more willingly and meaningfully
  • 9 Ready our future generations as competent leaders of Digital India and empower educators on the same to act as mentors
  • 10 Create Cyber safe schools
  • 11 Instil a feeling of belonging to national and global students fraternity and infuse a healthy competitive spirit through recognition and reward based Olympiads/contests
  • 12 Aware and responsible Netizens thus Citizens
  • 13 Promote culture of ethical use of technology for the benefit of all
  • 14 Empower the entire paradigm of Respect, Educate (REP) and Protect while keeping pace with the expectations of 21st Century and digital environment in future

Learning Olympiads is proud to launch Digital Citizenship and Cyber Wellness Olympiad (DCCWO) 2018 Phase II.

A 2012 study ranked India 3rd for high online bullying rates among 25 countries.

43% of children active on social media have claimed to witness cruel behavior, while 52% of the children indicated they themselves had bullied people over social media.

UNICEF’s ‘Child Online Protection in India’ report 2016 highlights and suggests appropriate interventions for improving child’s online protection measures.












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As India moves towards the digital age and when we are talking about India actually become Digital India, the need for cyber security becomes even much more important not only for adults but also for children and youth of our country. For more:

Mr. Shreekant Sinha, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation


Cyber safety is a concern for all of us dealing with young adolescents. We know that the children today are innovative, creative and they know how to get around with firewalls. This can be dealt by enlightened education. For more:

Smt. Sangamitra Ghosh, Principal, The Mother’s International School, New Delhi

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  • Students need to be educated on how to be good citizens of their country and what their rights and responsibilities are as members of society. The same issues need to be addressed with regard to the emerging digital society, so that students can learn how to be responsible and productive members of that society.

    Mr. Mike Ribble, Digital Citizenship in Schools