Learning Olympiads

‘Learning Olympiads’ – a series of Olympiads – is an initiative by Learning Links Foundation focused towards helping students and teachers to learn willingly, assess and apply their knowledge and skills, in turn get motivated and recognized at various levels. We wish all participants to Engage, Evolve and Express.

These Olympiads are aimed to encourage students to participate in the learning process meaningfully with a renewed sense of self belief and self-confidence. The Olympiads aim at promoting science, mathematics, computer education, cyber safety, sports, natural capital resources, financial literacy and many other topics encouraging students’ participation and infusing a healthy competitive spirit.

Students are the future of our country and it is pertinent to think and make them future ready – a future in which the children of the present shall be the leaders of tomorrow. Regular qualitative and quantitative assessment needs to be done at the national level in order to build their talent pool.


Through Olympiads, LLF is driven to provide a platform to identify such talents in students and teachers, test their aptitude, sharpen their innovative skills, align their intellectual goals with a social cause, inspire them and accolade them at various levels. These Olympiads strive towards development of 21st century skills among students comprising collaboration, cognitive/critical thinking and communication skills including technology aligned with key life skills defined by CBSE.

These Olympiads/Contest will be held through a robust website and all activities pertaining to the Olympiad i.e., registration, unique ID generation, submission of application, accessing information on Olympiad, content based random generation of question paper, mock test provision, auto responses, reference material, updates, announcements, viewing feedback, photos and videos and much more would be available on the website.

We at LLF, consider this initiative a CAUSE because the world is moving into an age of openness and transparency through technology based process. Thus, we encourage each citizen to participate in adopting, adapting and automating simple tasks as fundamental principles of learning thereby opening more job opportunities for our future generations.

Since we are entering into a digital era, we would like to make a contribution towards making future generation smart and responsible Netizens.  With this vision, we are introducing ‘Digital Citizenship & Cyber Wellness Olympiad’ as 1st in the series of ‘Learning Olympiads’ by LLF.