Technology with its intensely promised benefits was not expected to cause any threat to our youngsters. Sadly the cyber world has done what we expected the least. Education in good digital citizenship, importance of social media profiling and sustainability is very important as we are equally vulnerable in the virtual world as in the physical environment. Massive efforts and investments are required to sensitise our young India on the security issues emanating from the virtual world. Digital Citizenship & Cyber Safety Olympiad is in an effort in this direction and I appreciate the same.

-Mr. Ashok Pandey, Principal, Ahlcon International School, Delhi
Olympiads across topics exposes students to expected and unexpected challenges and so in a world where only the best succeeds it is perhaps almost a compulsion that your child and mine takes part in such an activity. If this is an undisputed fact, it is almost imperative that the educator takes the initiative to prepare and participate in the world of Olympiads in a subject or many. It is then and then only that we can claim that the educator is moving with the times. Are you an educator? Are you ready for this? Take that needed step. Help education take the special jump to heights unknown.

-Mrs. Meera Balachandran, Director, EQFI, Delhi
The world our children live in has changed. Online, cyber and virtual are real playgrounds and social platforms for them. They seamlessly operate in an environment that we could not have imagined a decade ago. As with the physical environment, to safely navigate in a technology-driven world, our children need to have a critical tool: information. I see the LLF Olympiad as an excellent opportunity to empower individuals with the necessary information to become responsible decision-makers as they navigate through cyberland. We want our children to be safe – so the intent is simple: prepare and prevent. Prepared, they can take full advantage of the connected world and yet be safe from its potential pitfalls. - Dr. Anjlee Prakash, Chairperson, Learning Links Foundation

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