In India 50 lakh Facebook users are 13-17 years old. Are you one of them? Check out these useful tips to learn about cyberbullying, online stalking and revenge, online defamation, leaking of private information and hacking. Often the rush of staying ahead online and peer pressure can make you take some impulsive decisions. Don’t worry, talk to a friend or hear them out if they need help. Always Keep yourself and your friends safe, always #StaySafeOnline is the key message of UNICEF India’s online safety campaign. Need more help? Call Childline at 1098 day & night.

The world our children live in has changed. Online, cyber and virtual are real playgrounds and social platforms for them. They seamlessly operate in an environment that we could not have imagined a decade ago. As with the physical environment, to safely navigate in a technology-driven world, our children need to have a critical tool: information. I see the LLF Olympiad as an excellent opportunity to empower individuals with the necessary information to become responsible decision-makers as they navigate through cyberland. We want our children to be safe – so the intent is simple: prepare and prevent. Prepared, they can take full advantage of the connected world and yet be safe from its potential pitfalls.

- Dr. Anjlee Prakash, Chairperson, Learning Links Foundation
Most students don’t know that they can even face legal action if they share illegal content, hate content, or spread rumors. Cyber harassment and compromising the privacy of others is not allowed. Defaming a person or organization even if it under a fake name can be caught. In senior classed and in the university plagiarism is an issue which can easily be detected using special software. Some students create fake profiles or violate website agreements and the websites can ban them permanently. Basically, there is no fear of punishment since students feel no one is watching them on the internet. Hence awareness is very important.

- Ms. Vineeta Mittal, Principal, The Millennium School, Gurugram

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